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Who is Alli Flowers?

This is a recent photo of Alli Flowers.
Certified Google Level I Educator
Certified Google Level II Educator
Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator
I'm speaking at ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia!
Nearpod Certified Educator
Microsoft Office Specialist - Word

I got my B.S. in French from Bowling Green State University in 1980. After exploring the world of business and having a family I started teaching high school French at LeFlore High School in Mobile AL. I remained at LeFlore until 2017 when I transitioned to the Pathway Middle School, also in Mobile. The Pathway is an interesting place with two separate programs. More about that later. At the Pathway, my main job is technology coach. I wear many hats there.

Enough of the boring stuff.

All the way back in the late 70s I was already a tech geek, and learned how to program on a Timex Sinclair. Those were the days! I moved from the Sinclair to a DEC WT76. With the DEC, I taught women who were re-entering the work force how to do basic word processing.

I kept up with my tech love, and that was part of what got me hired at LeFlore. At that time, schools in our district did not have websites, and that was something I could do! The principal also needed someone who could do troubleshooting as we started bringing in computers and using programs to do grades (until the entire school system took over).

I discovered Google early, and presented professional development to my faculty on Google Drive and Grand Central (which is now Google Voice) back in 2009.

Google has remained a large part of my teacher toolbox, and I'm now certified both Level I and II, and working on my Trainer certification.

I'll be adding tips and tricks to every now and then to help you get ahead. If you need help, you can always email me or call me.

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